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            In a wired alarm
system different types of sensors can be connected in loops and each loop can be
connected to one zone and then the required zone type can be programmed. In the
above figure motion detectors, glass break detectors,door and window sensors,
panic buttons are connected in different loops to the alarm control panel.

            The Keypad is connected to the
alarm control panel through which arming, disarming and programming can be done.
Speech dialers and siren are also connected to alarm control panel.

             If there are large
number of sensors to be used then zone expanders can be used and multiple
sensors can be connected in loop to each zone of a zone expander. Power
requiremnt for the total number of active sensors should be calculated and if
required external power supplies should be used for loops. Active sensors are
those which need power to work like motion detector, glass break detector,
vibration etc. passive sensors are those which do not require power to work like
door and window sensor, panic button etc.


The control panel can be connected to alarm monitoring central station in case
of Dubai it can be connected to Dubai Police alarm monitoring central station.
Alternatively alarm control panel can be connnected to telephone or GSM speech
dialers which can dial upto nine numbers and play a pre-recorded voice message
in case of alarm. The GSM speech dialer can also send SMS messages.

            The Alarm Control panel should
be Grade 3 panel and it has to be approved by Dubai Police to connect to Dubai
Police Alarm Monitoring Central Station.

            An Alarm system can be designed
to have both wired and wireless sensors at the same time depending upon the
design requirement.

            We supply and install Satel and
Honeywell systems for wired and wireless alarm systems respectively. Wired is
mostly used in commercial properties banks, jewellery shops, money exchanges,
factoriesd, warehouses, hotels, shops malls etc. and wireless for residential
properties like apartments and villas.
Wired Alarm System