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           Differrent types of Wired Alarm Sensors are used in an alarm system
like Door and Window sensors, Motion sensors, Glass Break sensors, Panic
Buttons, Vibration Sensors, Seismic Sensors, Shutter senors and Panic Kick Bars.

            Door and Window sensors are
installed on doors and windows. These sensors work on magnetic technology.
Sensor is fixed on a fixed door or window panel and a magnetic is fixed on the
movable part. If a door or window is opened the sensors breaks the loop by
providing open circuit the control panel which will trigger alarm if the alarm
system is in armed state.

            Motion sensors come broadly in
two types, PIR and Dualtech. PIR motion sensors detect Infra Red rays whereas
Dualtech uses both Microwave and Infra Red signals to trigger alarm to avoid
false alarms. These sensors generate alarm if there is any movement in front of
them. These sensors are installed on pathways.

            Glass Break sensors are used
to trigger alarm if a glass of a window or door is broken. These sensors detect
the frequency of breaking of glass to generate alarm while the system is in
armed state. These sensors are installed near glass doors and windows.

            Panic Buttons are used to
trigger alarm in case of a hold up situation. These sensors can be programmed to
trigger alarm whether the system is in armed state or disarmed state. These
sensors are mostly used in Jewellery shops, Banks and Money Exchanges.

           Vibration sensors and Seismic sensors are used to detect vibration or
tampering. These sensors are used on Safes or on walls of Safe rooms.

            Shutter Contacts or sensors
are used on Roller Shutters. These sensors are heavy duty with metal flexible

             All the above sensors
are available in Grade 3 and Grade 2 ratings. We need to install only Grade 3
sensors as per Dubai Police Rule if you need Dubai Police Alarm Connection to
their alarm montoring station.


Wired Alarm Sensors