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standard current
12V DC +/- 20%
<30 mA
loading current
200 mA maximum
sound level
1M-110 dB, 3M-100 dB
Battery voltage
6V 250 mAh
charging current
15 mA
strobe current
<200 mA
ip standard
-20℃ ~+70℃
194 (W) x 300 (H) x 59 (D) mm
0.78 Kg
Euro X2
is used in Alarm System to generate a very loud sound in case of alarm. Also it
comes with stobe light which flashes along with sound. Inbuilt battery provides
alarm sound even if the power is disconnected. If the cable is cut then it will
make sound if programmed.

        The duration of sounding of alarm depends on the time
programmed in the control pane It could last from 3 minutes to fifteen minutes
if the alarm system is not disarmed.

        When the alarm goes off the siren will start making sound and
the strobe lights flash. The siren will be silent as soon as the alarm system is
disarmed. If the alarm system is not disarmed then it will keep sounding from 3
minutes to 15 minutes as programmed in the control panel.

        Siren takes 12V DC to operate and it is powered by the alarm
control panel. Alarm control panels also have battery backup which also utilised
by siren in case of power failure.

        The sound generated by siren is sufficient to scare the
intruder to run and also it helps in alerting the property owners or family
members of villas and the patrolling police or  security guards. The strobe
light helps in locating the protected property by flashing light signals which
is visible from a far distance in night times.

        There are both indoor and outdoor sirens. Indoor sirens make
less louder sound then the outdoor sirens. The siren shown in the above image is
outdoor siren. Outdoor sirens are weatherproof which can work non-stop in
sunlight or rain or any weather conditions.

        The outdoor siren is installed outside and the cable directly
goes in the siren from the wall and not accessible for any one to tamper or cut.
Indoor siren can be installed on wall inside or above ceiling.

        The cover of the siren is screwed with a special kind of screw which
takes lot more time to unscrew than any other screw mechanism. This helps in
buying more time for taking action in case of alarm. At any site a single or
multiples sirens can be used depending upon the size id the property. If
multiples sirens are connected then external power supplies should be used after
properly calculating the total power requirement.