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Securcorp is a supplier and installation company for high quality Public Address
and Baground Music System in Dubai and around UAE.
We deal in Monacor brand from Germany.

         Public Address System works on mainly 100 Volt line
and 70 Volt Lines. A few to hundreds of speakers can be connected in a single
loop or can be devided into different zones. The power capacity of the amplifier
has to be rightly selected depending upon the number of speakers used and the
watt rating of each speaker.

        These system can be used large sites like Airports,
shopping malls, auditoriums, museums , Schools etc.

        Public Address System is also called baground music
system. Any audio or music can be played.

        Announcements can be done using a microphone to all
speakers or selected zones. To announce to a selected zone then you need a
microphone which is compatible with the zone amplifiers.

        Amplifiers are available with different power
capacities. Single zone and multi zone amplifiers are also available. Either
seperate input devices like MP3 players, CD Players and Tuners can be conected
to play live radio or any audio file.

        Chime feature is available to play chime before any
announcement. The background music will be automatically muted and the chime
sound is played and the announcement can be done by pressing a button on the
microphone. Once the announcemtn ends the baground music will resume.

        Public Address System can be interfaced with emergency
evacualtion system where pre-recorded voice messages can be played automatically
in case of emergency.

        Different types of speakers are available like,
ceiling speakers, wall mount speakers, outdoor horn speakers, indoor column
speakers and weatherproof garden speakers.

Public Address System