Securcorp High quality CCTV solutions with different Technologies manufactured in Korea. AHD Cameras, HD-SDI Cameras and IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders available. Also Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions available.
Satel Satel manufactures Grade 3 Intrusion Alarm Control Panels, GSM dialers and various Alarm sensors. This brand is from Poland and is approved by Dubai Police to connect to their Alarm Monitoring Station.
Honeywell Honeywell is a well known brand across the world. We provide Honeywell wireless alarm system for residendtial properties like villas and apartments. this brand is approved by Dubai Police to connect to Alarm Central Station.
Pyronix Pyronix provides Various Wired Alarm Sensors like PIR and Dual Tech Motion Detectors, Glass Break Sensors are available. And aslo speech dialers for both PSTN and GSM for sending alarm voice messages to land lines and mobile numbers
Contronics Contronics is a leading brand in Guard Tour System. RF and tourch Wands available with check points,identification buttons, event wallets and USB Download devices to download data.
Vanderbilt Vanderbilt has taken over Siemens security division. High quality CCTV cameras both analog and IP are available. And also Access Control System for small to huge projects. Sipass is one of the widely used system.
Siemens Siemens is well known brand in the field of CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion detection systems. Recemtly Siemens has sold its security division to Vanderbilt. All products and technologies remain same with just name change.
Bewator Bewator was a leading brand in Access Control System from Sweden. The company was taken over by Siemens and recently Simens security division is sold to Vanderbilt
Monacor Monacor deals in high quality Public Address System. Different type of PA speakers available like, ceiling, wall mount and horn speakers. Different power output PA amplifiers are avaible with and without multiple zones.
Commax We supply and install Commax audio and video door entry system. These prodcucts are from Korea. These systems are installed at Villas and other residential properties.