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           Securcorp is a supplier and installation company for Grade 3 Intruder
Alarm Systems.
We deal in Satel and
Honeywell brands for commercial and residential properties in Dubai and
areound UAE.

 What is an Intruder Alarm System?

        Intruder Alarm system is also
called Burglar Alarm System. This system is used to generate loud alarming sound
through alarm sounders or sirens in case any unauthorised person or criminal,
thief or burglar tries to enter a protected site when the system is armed. Also
the system can alert the property owner or concerned person or Alarm Monitoring
Central Station.

        Different properties have different
levels of risks. Depending upon the knowledge and capabilities of intruders to
break in Alarm Systems are manufactured and designed in different grade levels.
Grade 1 is used for low risk properties where the intruders have little or no
knowlege about alarm system. Grade 2 System is used for low to medium risk
properties  where the intruders have a little more knowlege about alarm
system and can use some tools to break in. Grade 3 System is used for medium to
high risk properties where the intruders have more knowledge and tools  to
override or disable alarm system. Grade 4 system is used for very high level of
risk where the intruders have full knowledge about the alarm system and
sofisticated tools to disable the installed system and conduct planned break in.

        Grade 2 systems can be used
for residential properties like apartments and villas and commerical properties
like any office which does not keep or store any valuables like gold or huge
amounts of money.

         Grade 3 system is used for
mostly commercial properties lik banks, jewellery shops, money exchanges,
warehouses and any shop o oulet which deals in high prices goods. It is
mandatory to use Grade 3 alarm system by Dubai Police in Dubai.

Where is it used?

        Alarm System is used in residential properties like
apartments and villas. it is also used in commercial properties like jewellery
shops, banks, money exchanges, warehouses etc.

        CCTV System is used as
a security tool to record and view different locations of a protected site. If
there is no one to monitor the property after work hours then one needs to use
the video footage to solve the crime after the intrusion has happened. The
chances of solving the crime is not always 100%. Besides CCTV if you have alarm
system it will help in preventing the crime before it happens. When the alarm
sounders or siren starts making big sound the intruder will run and will not
stay there. He does not know whether police will be there or the property owner
to take action. That is why alarm system is a very usefull and important tool in
designing a security system.

How it is used?

        The protected site is installed with differrent types
of sensors like door and window sensors, glass break sensor, motion detection
sensor, panic button and vibration sensors etc. All the doors and windows in the
perimeter are installed with door and window sensors and glass break sensor.

        The keypad is used to arm and disarm the system.
Arming is like switching on the system and disarming is like switching off. The
system can be armed as arm away or arm stay. In arm away mode all the sensors
will be active including the motion detectors. This mode is used when no one is
there in the property. In arm stay mode all the sensors will be active except
motion detectors. people can move around the property even when the system is
armed without triggering alarm.

        Any site can be devided into several partitions and
each partition can have its own group of sensors. Arming can be done for the
whole site or individual partitions seperately.

        The main door is programmed as entry/exit zone. if
this door is opened while the system is armed then it will give an entry delay
which can be programmed to enter the code in the keypad to disarm the sysem. At
the time of arming the entry/exit zone will provide exit delay to leave the

        Glass break sensors are programmed as perimeter zone
where this zone will trigger alarm immediately without delay if the system is in
armed state.

        Motion detectors are programmed as follower zone. If
the system is in arm state and the entry zone is opened then the motion will not
trigger alarm till the elapse of entry delay time if it detects motion. If the
entry zone is not opened and the motion detector detector detects motion it will
trigger immediately alarm.

        Panic Button can be programmed as 24 Hour audible or
24 Hour silent zones. In 24 Hour audible zone the panic button will trigger
alarm whether the alarm system is in armed state or disarmed state and the siren
will make sound. If the panic button is programmed as 24 Hour silent zone then
the sounder or siren will be silent but the system will go in alarm state if it
is in armed or disarmed state. If the system is connected to Dubai Police Alarm
Monitoring Central Station then the message will be sent immediately to the
police and the patrolling police will be there to take action.

       Each sensor can be assigned different zone types depending
upon the design.

     Alarm system can be connected to Dubai Police Alarm  Monitoring
Central Station to monitor all alarm messages and system messages round the
clock. In case of alarm the police will come to the site to take action.

       Alternatively one can use speech dialers to alert in case of
alarm. The speech dialer can dial up to nine landline telephone numbers or
mobile phones and play a pre-recorded voice message in case of alarm. If if the
property owner is outside he or she can get the alert on phone if there is an
intrusion in his or her property.

        Alarm System can also be installed on emergency or
fire exit doors to generate alarm and alert the security personnel if these
doors or opened for any misuse.

    Alarm system can be used for handicapped people to get immediate help from the
support team by pressing a button.

     Securcorp has installed alarm system at various
properties like jewellery shops, banks, money exchanges, hotels, villas,
factories, warehouses, apartments in Dubai and around UAE (United Arab
Intruder Alarm System