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          We sincerely thank our
customers for supporting us in completing more than 15 years in business in
Dubai and around UAE,


       We provide
wireless alarm system for
residential properties like Villas and aprtments. we have installed in hundreds
of villas in Dubai and other Emirates. Honeywell alarm system is approved by
SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) Dubai Police. This system can be
connected to
Dubai Police Central Alarm Station Monitoring.


        We provide
Alarm System for commercial
properties. Satel Control panels are Grade 3 panels and they are approved by
SIRA Dubai Police to connect to Dubai Police Alarm Monitoring Station.

Securcorp is registered with SIRA, Dubai Police to supply and install security
systems and provide Dubai Police
Alarm Monitoring
to different types of


Securcorp is registered with DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) to supply and
install security system products at companies in Free Zone Area.
is a supplier and installation company for
CCTV Cameras. We provide
three different technologies in Cameras. 
AHD Cameras
, IP Cameras.


             AHD Cameras are higher
version of our 960H resolution. AHD cameras come with 2.2 Mega Pixels resolution
and most economical.


             HD-SDI cameras are
digital cameras with 2.2 Mega Pixels and can be used with RG59 cables. The
existing cables of any analog cameras can be used to upgrade the system to
digital with sharp image resolution and high quality.


              IP cameras come with
different resolutions starting from 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 3MP and 5 MP. 


           Different types of
cameras available in the above technologies like, fixed dome camera, variable
dome camera with auto iris lens,

IR dome camera
,  fixed lens
bullet cameras,
variable auto iris lens bullet camera,
box cameras and
speed dome cameras. True
Day and Night Camers, WDR Cameras are also available.


            We supply and install

Hybrid DVR
DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

              Securcorp is
also a supplier and installation company for different types of
Access Control
System in Dubai, UAE.
. We provide both
Proximity Card Readers and
Fingerprint Readers. We also
provide HID cards compatible Readers. These reader can be connected in network
to control single or multiple doors.


           Both  Access Cotrol
and Time Attendance Reports can be generated through user friendly software. The
Access Control System can be interfaced with the Fire Alarm Panel to open the
doors automatically in case of fire.


           We also provide
Vanderbilt Access Control System. One of the widely used system in Sipass Entro
where you can control single door upto 512 doors in a network. Multiple sites
can be connected to a single sytem through VPN.


            Securcorp is a suppllier
and installation company for Contronics
Guard Tour System. Both touch type and RF
Guard Tour Systems are available. Wands, checkpoints or iButton, identification
buttons, USB Downloads and event wallets are available. This system is used by
security guards for patrolling. different reports can be generated like daily,
weekly or monthly reports. these reports inform whether the security guards are
doing patrolling as per the schedule or not.

            We also deal in
Monacor brand of
Address System
. Monacor is a German company. 70V line and 100V line speakers are
available. Multi zone Power
PA Amplifiers are available with different ratings.
Different types of PA speakers available like Ceiling Speakers, Wall mount Speakers
and Horn Speakers. System cane designed for a few to hundreds of speakers. This
system can be used in small offices to huge buildings, Malls, factories etc.

            We are supplier and
installation company for Video and Audio
Door Entry System. We deal in
Commax brand from
Korea. Different types of gate panels with handsfee speaker, camera, mic and
call buttons are available. Different models of vidoe monitors are available.
one can see and speak to the visitor before remotely opeing the door. One or two
doors can be controlled by one or two monitors.

            We provide one year on
site warranty on all products we supply and install. This warranty includes free
visits for any technical problems and free replacement of any defective items if
not repairable.

            After one year we also
provided annual maintenance. Ther are two options comprehensive and non
comprehensive. In comprehensive maintenance any number of call will be attended
free of charge including the replacement of any defective parts.


           In non comprehensive
maintenance any number of visits will be free but if any item has to be replaced
it will be charged seperately,

            Securcorp also provides
Emergency Door Alarm System. if any door is opened it will trigger alarm and the
sounder will make loud sound and the alarm message can be sent through voice
message to any landline telephone or mobile telephone. Status of which door was
opened can be seen on the keypad display. Single door or multiple doors can be
monitored. This system is mainly used in big warehouses.


             We can help in designing
a professional security system as per your need and assist you in selecting the
most appropriate tools of security systems. We also provide customise solutions
if you need.


           Contact us if you require
any of the above mentioned systems. We will provide the best quality,
professional installation and excellent after sales support.


     5 Mega Pixel IP IR Bullet Camera,

     ONVIF, Sony EXMORE Starvis

     5 MP Image Sensor, 3D-DNR,

     WDR, 40 IR LED, PoE,

     Made in Korea.


2.2 Mega Pixel HD-SDI IR

     Dome Camera, 1/2.8" Sony

   Starvis Image Sensor, 3D-DNR,

     WDR, Made in Korea.


2.2 Mega Pixel AHD IR Bullet Camera

     1/2.8" Sony Starvis Image Sensor

     3D-DNR, DWDR, True Day

     & Night, 40 IR LED,

     Made in Korea



     4Ch/8Ch/16Ch, 720/1080P Video inputs

     LAN, WAN Compatible,  Smart Phone remote viewing

     4 Hard disks. 

     Made in Korea. 


     Fingerprint Access Control Readers,

     Finger print

     upto 50,000,

     500,000 events log

Made in Korea.


     NVR (Network Video Recorder),

    16 ch, Video input

     resolution upto 8 Mega Pixel, recording resolution

     400/480 fps at 8MP, Display resolution max 4k

     4 Hard disks,

     Made in Korea.



Contronics Guard Tour System Wand

     2500-4500 readings. Data is

     downloaded through USB-

     Download iRF to generate

     reports. Made in brazi


     Honeywell Wireless Alarm System,

     Motion sensors

     Glass break sensor,

     Door and Window sensor,

     Wireless receiver and

     Remote buttons


     Satel Intruder Grade 3 Alarm

     Panel 16-64 zones, 32 partitions,

     8 objects, 16-64 programmable

     outputs, This panel is approved

     by Dubai Police to connect to

     central alarm station.


     Monacor PA Zone Amplfiers,

     100V line ceiling and wall mount

     speakers and horn speakers

     available. Monacor is a German

     company which deals in very high

     quality products.


     Commax Video Door Phone System

     from Commax. Handsfree

     gate panel available with

     camera, speaker, mic and

     call button. Made in Korea