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In Honeywell wireless alarm system keypad, siren and wireless receiver are hard
wired to the control panel.  The wireless receiver is usually located at
the central location.The wireless receiver communicates without wires with
various wireless sensors like motion detector, glass break detector and door /
window sensor. The speech dialer is also hardwired to the alarm control panel.

            The control panel can also be
programmed to send messages to Dubai Police alarm monitoring station. A normal
telephone line is connectec to the alarm control panel if it has to to be
connected to alarm monitoring station. The telephone line is connected to the
speech dialer if no police connection is required but the user would like to
receive voice messages on his or her phone.

        Keypad is used for arming, disarming and programming.
Also one can use remote buttons for arming, disarming the system and also panic
button can also be programmed  on the remote buttons.

        The wireless sensors should be installed in a range of
100 meters. The right control panel should be selected to support the number of
wireless receivers.    If the distance is more then one can use multiple
receivers.  The locations should be properly selected.
          Wireless Alarm System is
mainly used in Villas where the interior design should not be disturbed by
visible wires or conduits. By installing wireless alarm system the interior
beauty is kept intact.

            Wireless alarm system can be
used where it will be dificult to do cabling in any kind of properties like
offices, warehouses and factories. Dubai police does not allow wireless alarm
system for commercial properties if it has to be connected to Dubai Policed
Alarm Monitoring Central Station. But for residential properties wireless alarm
system can be used and also it can be connected to Dubai Police alarm monitoring
central station.

            The control panel is connected to
12V DC 7AH battery for backup in case of power failure. The sensors work on
batteries. Normally the  sensor batteries last for about an  year and
reommended to be changed every year. Or once the battery is discharged it will
indicated on the keypad which battery to be changed and needs to be changed or
else the panel will not allow to arm the system if that sensor or zone is not

            The keypad will be indicate
'fault' message if any of the zones are opened like door or window or there is
motion in front of the motion detector. If it shows 'Check' message then the
battery has to be changed or the sensor is gone defective. For fault mesages no
need to call the installation company. If it shows check messages then you need
to call the installation company.

Wireless Alarm System