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      Wireless Door/ Window Contact
      This wireless sensors is installed on doors and windows. If it is
      installed on doors it can be programmed as Entry/Exit zone. If it is
      installed on windows then it can be programmed as Perimeter zone.

      Wireless Motion Detector
      This wireless sensor is installed on the path ways and other areas
      If it detects any motion then it will trigger alarm if the system is in
      armed state. It is mainly programmed as Follower zone.

      Wireless Glass Break Detector
      This wireless sensors is installed near glass doors or windows,
      It triggers alarm if any glass is broken while the system is in armed
      state. This device can be programmed in Perimeter zone.

      Wireless Remote Button
      This wireless remote control is used for arming and disarming the
      system. Four buttons are available each button can be programmed
      for Arm Away, Arm Stay, Disarm and Panic modes.

      Wireless Receiver
      This devices connects all the wireless sensors installed with the main
      Control Panel.
Honeywell Wireless Alarm Sensors
          Honeywell wireless alarm sensors are used in Intruder alarm systems for Villas and offices where cabling has to be minimal to preserve the asthetics of the property.

             Various alarm sensors are used like door and window sensors, motion PIR, Glass break detector and remote buttons.

              Wireless door and window sensors are installed along a magnet  on doors and windows. These sensors work on magnetic technology. If a door or window is opened then the sensors sends an open signal to the main Control panel. A single battery is used which can last up to a year and also depends on the usage. If there is a mosquito net on the window then the sensor or magnet will be installed on the net. This provided both security as well as the window can be kept open without allowing the mosquitoes to enter the house. If any intruder opens the mosquito net then the alarm will be triggered if the system is in armed mode.

            Door senors are programmed as entry / exit zones if they are installed on the main doors. This will give an entry / exit delay for the duration programmed. The delay can be programmed from 30 seconds to 45 seconds normally. The system will give a delay with beep sound for the duration to disarm the system while entering or to exit.

             Wireless motion PIR used to detect any movement in the protected site. This sensor works on the infra red rays technology. each living thing emits certain amount of infra red rays which is detected by the sensor. These sensors are installed in pathways to detect motion. If there is any movement while the system is in armed state it will trigger alarm.

            Motion detectors are programmed as follower zone. If the main entry / exit zone is opened first then the motion detector will not trigger alarm till the duration of the delay. If the entry zone is not opened and the motion detector detects motion then it will trigger immediate alarm.

            These sensors should be avoided if there are pets at home or the protected site.
          Wireless Glass break detectors are used to detect any breaking of glass windows or doors. These sensors are installed near glass doors or windows. They work on sound technology. These sensors detect the frequency of breaking of glass and trigger alarm if the system is in armed state. These sensors are programmed as perimeter zones to trigger alarm immediately in armed state.

            Remote buttons are used to arm and disarm the system without using the keypad. These devices are used for convenience where with one press of a button you can arm or disarm without having to enter the code in the keypad. There are four buttons. One for arming in Away mode, second for arming in Stay mode, third for disarming the system and the fourth one is a panic button where the alarm can be triggerd immediately if you press this button.

            Wireless receiver is used to communicate and connect all the wireless sensors with the main control panel. If the sensors are installed at both ground floor and first floor then it is recommended to have one receiver at each floors. These devices are installed at the center location of the protected site and they are hardwired with the main control panel. The power is supplied to these receivers by the control panel. These sensors can be installed on the false ceiling or walls depending upon the site condition.