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           Securcorp is registered with SIRA, Dubai Police to connect Intruder Alarm System with the Alarm Monitoring Central Station.

            Only the Alarm Control Panels approved by Dubai Police can be connected to alarm monitoring central station. Only the companies who are licensed and registered with Dubai Police can do police connection.

          Commercial properties cannot have wireless alarm system. Only wired alarm systems are allowed to be installed whereas residential properties can have either wired or wireless alarm systems.

            As per the new law all the sensors installed should be of Grade 3 and the control panels and keypads should also be Grade 3. Each sensor should be connected to an individual zone.
            The Telephone line connected to control panel should be a dedicated line and it should have any parrallel connections or should not be used for any other purpose. The SIM card installed in the GSM dialer should be post paid and it should be on company's name.


        It is mandatory for certain types of business to have alarm system with police connection. The businesses involved in banking, money exchanges, jewellery trading etc need to have police connection. For all businesses where it is not mandatory to have police connection should also fulfill the same requirements.

            To obtain a police connection account number certain documents have to be provided by the subscriber as follows.
               1. Filled CMS forms both in English and Arabic
               2. E-CMS Form
               3. Trade License Copy.
               4. Ejari Copy.
               5. Site technical information.
               6. Site Photos.

            Subscribers need to pay a subscription fee of Dhs 3000/- for police connection every year.

 Once the alarm system is connected to Dubai Police central alarm station, the users will be provided with PIN code through SMS on the their mobiles by Dubai Police. The PIN code has to be provided to police to identify oneself, when they attend the protected site in case of any alarm.
            Also the PIN code has to be provided to the connection company at the time of putting the system in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode does not send any alarm message to the central station and this mode is used when the technicians have to do any repair works or at the time of periodic system testing.

            Various types of alarms are monitored like daily arming and disarming, intruder alarms and system alarms. Main power failure or telephone line non functioning are also monitored.

            In case of alarm the patrolling police is informed by he central station to attend to the site. And also the users are also informed to come to the site in case if they are not at site. The police men will check site and arrest the criminals if it is a genuine alarm.
Dubai Police Alarm Monitoring
SIRA, Dubai Police