Contronics Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System
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Guard Tour System
Guard Tour Wand
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    Guard Tour Wand

    G3-V9 reader is carried by Security

        guard to read iButtons or

        Checkpoints installed at

        different locations.


    Download USB-iRF

    This device is used to

        download data from the wand

        to computer. it is connected by

        USB port. Alsoit is used to upload

        program data from computer to Guard Tour Wand.


     Checkpoints are also called

        iButtons are installed at different

        locations. These buttons do not

        require any power. Wand is

        touched to read data.

    ID Button

    ID Button are used to log the name

       of the security guard in reports. Before

       starting the tour the security guard has

       to touch his ID Button with the Wand.

    Events Wallet

    Buttons on Events Wallet can programmed

       for different security or system events. The

       security guard will touch the right button

       with the wand when he comes across some

       event at any given location.

    Master Button

    This device is used by the

       supervisor on site to check

       whether the patrolling guard has

       completed the scheduled tour or

       not. This is indicated with an audio tone .

    Nylon Holster

    This is used to carry Wand

       and it can be fixed on the belt

       of security guard.
Security guards are hired to
protect properties. The main job of a security guard to watch the site for all
unwanted things happening. Also a security guard has to visit different points
or locations of the site to check whether everything is fine. Different
locations of a site have to be visited on a regular basis every day or multiple
times a day to protect the site. Each location to be visited is called a check
point and visiting a group or a set of check points is called a tour. To make
sure that a partrol guard or security guard visits all the check points Guard
Tour System is used.

          The partrol guard carries a Wand or Reader and visits all the check
points assigned. Each checkpoint location is fitted with an   i-button. The guard
touches the Wand to
read these i-buttons at each location. At the end of the day the security
manager can download the data from the wand or reader to check whether all the
check points were visited or the tour assigned at the scheduled times has been
done or not.
While visiting the check points if the guard observes some undue
incident or event for instance a broken window or leakage in pipes or shutters
and doors left open after duty hours he can punch different events into the
reader using Event Buttons in an Event Wallet.

If there are more than one security guards then Identification
Buttons can be used before starting the tour to register a particular patrol
officer. When the data is downloaded different tours done will be under the
different partrol guards. So it will be easy to know who has done which tour In a day different number of tours can be assinged. Duration for one
tour can be set. Once the time starts for a tour the Wand will indicate an audio
signal to start the tour. The tour has to be completed in the assigned duration
for that tour. Different audio signals can be heard for successful reading of       
i-Button, failed to read i-Button and tour completed. Different reports can be generated by the software for individual
patrol for daily or monthly reports.


       i-Buttons don't require any power and these are dust and
weatherproof. These work for life if not tampered or damaged.

      Guard tour Wand requires 1.5V C type battery. The battery can
last for several months up to one year depending upon the usage.

      Data from the wand can be downloaded using Download USB-iRF
device which connects to a computer via USB port.

      Once data is downloaded from Wand different reports can be
generated like activity map, Event Report, Exception Report and Full Report .In
activity map all the tours for the whole month can be viewed at a glance. This
is a very usefull report where the security manager can immediately find out 
if any of the checkpoints not visited in the whole month.

      Events report will provide information about all the events came
across by the patrolling officer.

      Exception report will provide information about any tour not
completed orany location missed or not visited.

      Full report will provide detail information of the tours done. if
one want he can generate daily, weekly or hourly report. Or any report for any
patrolling office.

      Sample reports are provided in the above links. You can download
these reports to understand what information is provided by these reports.

     Contronics Guard Tour System provides all the required features and
helps in generating all the required reports to monitor the performance of
partrolling guards.

      Currently we have installed this system at Dubai Metro, Dubai
Airports, Schools, most of the five star hotels, warehouses, oil field companies