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CCTV System
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        Securcorp is a supplier and installation company for high quality CCTV System.
We mainly deal in products from Korea and Germany.

        We provide three different technologies.
IP Cameras,
HD-SDI Cameras and
AHD-Cameras. In these three categories of cameras we have
fixed dome cameras, variable auto-iris dome cameras, vandal resistant
,  Infra red dome cameras and functional dome cameras with various levels
of zoom capacity. Also we have bullet and
box cameras that can be used indoor
and outdoors.

bullet cameras are weatherproof
cameras that can be used outdoor. These cameras have lens, fixed or variable
inbuilt in the weatherproof casing.

        Box cameras are used outside and inside the
buildings. To install these cameras outdoor a weatherproof housing can be used.

        Infra red cameras are used in zero light
condition. high qaulity black and white image is generated in darkcondition. We
also have very low lux  true day and night cameras where the camera
automatically switches to night mode to give black and white images and in the
day time it will switch over to day mode where a high resolution images are

        Our cameras come with 3D-DNR feature. DNR is
digital noise reduction where the noise in the video is digitally removed and in
3D-DNR the noise reduction is much more effective even in dark condition.

        Our IP cameras come with all above features and are ONVIF
compliant. The IP cameras that we supply also are PoE (Power on Ethernet)
complaint and external power supply is not required.

        We provide Analog High Definition
Digital Video Recorders
(AHD-DVR) and High Dfinition Serial Digital Interface Digital Video Recorders
AHD-DVR and HD-SDI DVRs are used with AHD cameras and HD-SDI
Cameras respectively.

         Most of our cameras come with WDR (wide dynamic
range) feature where the degradation of image quality because of differnt levels
of light is corrected to have a better image quality.

        Our range of DVRs  and NVRs can display and
playback in real time mode avialable both in PAL and NTSC formats. Recording can
set on motion or continuous at different levels of resolutions. These DVRs are
LAN, WAN compatible and can be controlled remotely by windows remote software or
through a smart phone.

          We also deal in Vanderbilt CCTV System
earlier it was Siemens brand and before Siemens took over it was Bewator brand.
CCTV System