Ten Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home 

Ten Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home


Decorating the new home of yours is certainly more fun than installing security measures. But burglars strike each 25.7 seconds, therefore home security needs to be a high priority.¹ In order to enable you to return to the fun things, below are ten things which are simple that you need to do instantly to secure the new home of yours.


Below Actually are ten Easy Ways to Secure Your home one. Secure the Doors

  1. Lock the Windows
  2. Light Up the Landscape
  3. Do not Forget the Garage
  4. Set up a Security System
  5. Lock Down Your Wi Fi Network
  6. Eliminate Hiding Places
  7. Add Security Cameras
  8. Get a Safe
  9. Make use of Home Automation

front of a new house one. Secure the Doors

Do not support a burglar walk around the block in via the home (thirty four % of them do!).² Inspect your exterior doors to ensure the door frames are powerful, the hinges are shielded, as well as – in case your home features a mail slot – that somebody cannot get to through it to uncover the door.


When you are moving right into a residence that another person accustomed call home, load door locks. The way you will not have strangers out there and have a key to the house of yours, and you are able to make certain your hair are the very best on the market.


Here are a few quick reinforcements we endorse to assist you shore up these important entryways.


Install a deadbolt. (Here’s how.)

Add a strike plate.

Upgrade to sensible locks.

Boost protection with a video recording doorbell.

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PRO TIP: Reinforce sliding cup doors Intruders enjoy sliding doors, as be sure yours are protected. You are able to go old school and make use of a window bar or maybe dowel in the track to hold the door by being forced exposed to the air. When you would like a high tech solution, include a door sensor or maybe glass break sensor. These will alert you in case the cup doorway is tampered with – and really should scare off thieves.

windows outside house two. Secure the Windows

Doors and windows would be the most typical entry areas for burglars. Unfortunately, supplier latches on windows are not often effective – and sometimes they are downright flimsy. When you do not like the appearance of your respective window latches, beef in place security with locks or maybe key operated levers. But you do not need to stop there.


We’ve some other very good ideas to help you make your windows burglar proof.


Reinforce glass with window protection film.

Install window or perhaps glass break sensors.

Add window bars.

Plant prickly bushes under first floor windows (but be certain to have them trimmed).

yard lamp in the evening 3. Light Up the Landscape

Vandals, burglars, along with other criminals do not love to have the spotlight. Keep bad people at bay with ample outside lighting. Place lighting around the front of yours in addition to back yards, along routes, and also close to the storage area along with other outdoor structures. You won’t just create intruders skittish, you will also cut down the risk of yours of a stumble on the way of yours up the forward steps.


Make your outdoor security lighting a lot more valuable with these tips.


Use motion activated lighting.

Save energy with solar powered lights.

Put outside bulbs on a timer.

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garage door four. Do not Forget the Garage

This entry point for your house is starting to be a lot more popular with criminals. As well as in case they cannot access the house of yours, chances are you’ve a lot of stuff that is good kept in the garage. Make it a practice to secure all doors to the storage area – both exterior and interior.


You might in addition think about keeping your storage area door opener in the building. The way a burglar cannot grab it out of the car of yours. And in case you make use of a security code to start the garage, be sure you maintain it secret and never get into it before delivery folks, neighbors, or maybe anybody else.


Allow me to share some additional simple methods to secure the storage area.


Upgrade to an intelligent storage area door opener.

Cover windows to conceal the goodies inside.

Secure garage doors with additional locks (or perhaps zip ties!).

Make use of home automation – and never ever go out of the storage area door opened once again.

SimpliSafe security keypad five. Create a Security System

The new home of yours needs to have some form of a protection system, whether it is a fundamental DIY system or even one that will come with pro home and monitoring automation. Nowadays there are loads of home security choices for every level and every budget of security.


In order to select a method that you are comfortable with, assess the requirements of the neighborhood of yours and the house of yours. You are able to contact the local police department of yours for community crime statistics and help creating a home security analysis of the home of yours.


And keep these variables in mind as well:


DIY installation vs. expert installation

Customer support and also brand reputation

Smart house capabilities

Up monthly and front costs

Extras as smoke plus carbon monoxide monitoring

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someone using a laptop computer six. Lock Down Your Wi Fi Network

Your home wireless system is a doorway for your financial and personal info. And in case make use of home automation, it is able to also make your home susceptible to a break-in. If your Wi Fi system is attached to smart home devices or maybe the security system of yours, it can supply criminals direct access to the home of yours.


Though you do not need to leave yourself vulnerable. Use our tricks and tips to keep hackers off the home network of yours.


Secure your wireless medialink wireless router.

Enable WPA (Wi Fi Protected Access) or maybe WPA2 encryption.

Rename and also hide the home network of yours.

Try using a firewall.

Install antivirus along with anti malware protection.

Generate strong passwords.

PRO TIP: Protect children with parental control software program.

But you have got small ones, odds are they go online for each fun and homework. Keep them protected from internet cyber and predators bullies using a parental command app, router, or maybe software program. These tools may even enable you to restrict screen time and implement device-free family dinners.

front of a brand new house seven. Eliminate Hiding Places

Shrubs and trees might give the house curb appeal of yours, though they likewise give burglars a handy spot to hide. Trim down plants and trees close to the home of yours that may be utilized for cover. Choose smaller bushes and flowers instead. In case you’ve trees near windows, sometimes remove them or even reinforce those windows with additional security.


And do not overlook the majority of your home ‘s outside – use probably these best methods to preserve things locked up tight.


Constantly put away ladders and stools.

Lock gates, other outdoor buildings, and sheds.

Do not tempt thieves by making pricey goods on screen in the yard.

Add safety signs along with stickers.

outdoor security camera eight. Add Security Cameras

You have likely noticed headlines about burglars being foiled by security cam footage. This’s one home security solution that operates as both a deterrent along with a way getting justice. You are able to find security cameras which are a part of a total home security system, or maybe you are able to make use of cameras that work by themselves.


Whichever way you go, we suggest making use of a protection camera having a movable app, which means you are able to see footage in time that is real and stow it in case you actually have to go to the police.


Check out our other must have features:


Actions detection

Night vision

Wi-Fi capability

Two-way talk

Local or perhaps cloud storage

Weatherproof casing for outside cameras nine. Make a Safe

In the event that a person gets by your some other home safety methods, be sure that valuables are shielded. An in home safe is a protected depository for from jewelry to important documents as passports. You will want a safe which is heavy, waterproof, and fire-resistant sufficient that a thief cannot walk out with it.


Follow these recommendations being the best protection from your secure.


Search for safes with unneeded locks (that’s 2 hair on one ) that is safe.

Select the correct size secure for the valuables you wish to protect.

Decide whether you would like a portable one or safe that is anchored.

PRO TIP: Secure firearms inside a gun safe.

Firearms are desirable things for a thief. Typically, about 230,000 guns are stolen during home burglaries every year.³ A gun secure will keep the weapons of yours outside of the hands of criminals and also protects the family of yours out of the threat of a tragic accident.

  1. Make use of Home Automation

If you have been tempted to turn your regular house into an intelligent home, security is but one compelling motive to follow through. Home automation is able to provide you with remote (or scheduled) command of lights, smoke alarms, security cameras, door locks, along with additional security equipment. You can get real time alerts about distrustful activity, which means you can respond fast and thwart potential thieves.


Allow me to share several of our favorite ways to make use of home automation to boost security.


Schedule lighting (as well as your TV) to turn on and off when you are on holiday.

Scare at bay porch pirates with two way talk through a smart doorbell.

Get a quick video feed when somebody walks up the driveway of yours.

Check out for a smoke or maybe CO2 alarm and also cancel false alarms from the smartphone of yours.

Before you Go

Figuring out how you can secure your house does not need to be a pain. Use these points to begin. And relax – you do not have to do anything right away.


Identify which techniques are most crucial to you, and also make a plan to include the rest afterwards. Being conscious of possible security risks and taking action first may be the easiest way to keep the home of yours and loved ones secure.


And in case you have got a good security tip that we skipped, let us recognize in the comments!



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