Abode Home Security Review

Abode Home Security Review

ver wonder why conventional and several of the very best home security systems cost a huge number of dollars and pressure you right into a long term, costly agreement? In case that is not the jam of yours, Abode is a means to stay away from that. The company provides simple security systems which are basically a set of wireless, magnetic contact sensors along with a hub to notify you when a door or maybe window is actually opened. And they work nicely.

We spent a few of weeks testing an Abode starter process which costs just more than $300. Though to be good, it did lack some bells as well as whistles, like an outside digicam and touchscreen. The Abode method we installed monitored a couple of the crucial entryways of ours, therefore we did not have a complete perimeter of security. Nevertheless, it satisfied the desire of ours wish for peace of mind. Wish to read the complete scoop? Take a peek below at the complete findings of ours.




Buying Abobe starts by traveling to GoAbode.com. Check out its “Build The System” online wizard of mine and then choose either Home, Apartment, or perhaps Business. After that, you recognize the dimensions of the structure as under 1,000 square feet, 1,000 to 3,000 square feet, or even more than 3,000 squares. Next, decide the number of doors or even windows you wish to safeguard.

The following issue is in case you really want to produce video, pictures, or maybe no pictures if the alarm is initiated. Last but not least, select between 3 monitoring options: specialized monitoring (Secure), just cellular backup (Connect), or perhaps neither.



These’re the standard questions to question when buying some home security system. Abode automates the task, loading the selections of yours to the online shopping cart for uncomplicated checkout.

Because of this assessment, we needed to find out exactly how affordable but strong a home security product may be. So we purchased the IOTA All-in-One Security Kit for $229. It’s a built in digital camera along with a motion detector. The program additionally includes one Mini door/window sensor and a crucial fob. We added 3 more Mini sensors to the order, which came to $316. We firmly suggest getting the keypad for another seventy nine dolars and an outside siren fifty nine dolars. Even though the method which we tested is actually little also consequently cheap, Abode provides a “Top Protection Bundle for $1,029. The program has a Gateway (not the IOTA), seventeen diverse sensors, an outside siren, along with a lawn sign.


All you have to add Abode arrives in a package. The product packaging is top-quality and properly designed. Our order arrived in a single medium sized box, along with a padded envelope with 3 extra door sensors.


The Spruce / Bradley Berman We had been instantly impressed with the industrial style. The IOTA hub is a 7.1 inch cylinder with an ultra deluxe experience, accented by a cloth mesh consistency on the bottom. The Mini contact receptors are smaller and much more eye appealing over door sensors from high priced competitors.

We had been instantly impressed with the industrial style. The IOTA hub is a 7.1 inch cylinder with an ultra deluxe experience, accented by a cloth mesh consistency on the bottom.

We started by downloading the Abode mobile app and producing an account. The app guides you through the needed steps. In the beginning, we came across a hiccup in which we had been asked to determine the kind of hub – both Abode’s traditional Gateway or maybe the all-in-one IOTA hub. Though we got stuck in a loop of the very same screens just to find out the “Activation Successful” message. Abode later told us this issue was an anomaly. Though we discovered it a sign of the whole Abode encounter. Put simply, it is not hard to use, but the emails and assist performs usually leave you wondering.

Getting started with the IOTA hub needed plugging it into the Internet wireless router of ours through an Ethernet cable. The linkage between the IOTA as well as the account of ours was instantly developed. Nevertheless, in case the home of yours is similar to the test atmosphere of ours, the router is far off from the hub’s location that is perfect. So we unplugged the IOTA and relocated it to a spot in which the wide angle cam of its is able to see the front side entryway as well as adjacent family room. At that time, the primary hub gets dependent on Wi Fi. “Ninety five % of IOTA clients use Wi Fi instead of Ethernet,” said Scott Beck, Abode’s chief technology officer. Beck told us that Wi Fi devices are becoming extremely dependable in the past couple of years.

The task to set up the 4 Mini door/window receptors was simple. We pulled the battery tab, pressed the activation button on the sensor, what about a split second, the hub discovered the unit. We utilized the offered duplex adhesive to stick one portion of the sensor on a door frame as well as the other to the swinging or perhaps sliding door. Labels showed us where you can arrange the 2 parts. It could not have been simpler.


The Spruce / Bradley Berman After we named the location of that sensor in the mobile app, and we had been running a business. In every situation, we was established the door to evaluate that the IOTA responded. And every time, the result was quick. Beck stated Abode’s radio transmitter is actually strong adequate to enable several buyers to place a sensor on a mailbox almost hundred feet from the hub.

The task to set up the 4 Mini door/window receptors was simple. We pulled the battery tab, pressed the activation button on the sensor, what about a split second, the hub discovered the unit.

In case you are fine with leaving all of the default settings for items such as the length of the countdown timer, then simply you are able to put in Abode in under an hour. On the flip side, as you receive a feeling of exactly how things work over time, you are able to set the volume of hub sounds, change the moment offered for exit or entry, or perhaps bring emergency contacts. A number of these settings may be transformed in the mobile app. Nevertheless, we discovered it a lot easier to handle automations, notifications, and system settings through the net dashboard.

In case the hands on set up thinks way too demanding, Abode has a partnership with Hello Tech, an in person tech service. Base pricing for this particular service starts off at ninety nine dolars but can be higher for big homes.

The way it Works

The primary difference between Other home security methods and abode is the app based method of its. The IOTA hub does not have buttons or perhaps a display screen. Nevertheless, the mobile app is actually powerful. It handles all of the features – such as arming for Home or perhaps Away, looking at the timeline of events, and watching video clips.



“We are greatly investing in the mobile app and the way to allow it to be a fantastic experience on tablets as well,” said Beck. Nevertheless, the tablet edition of the app isn’t yet available – another indicator of Abode a work in progress. For today, there is no bigger touchscreen.

Most packaged Abode devices include a crucial fob. It is a handy one touch method to arm as well as disarm the product. The icons on the fob – a dot, a dot with a circle around it, an X, along with an in addition to sign – do not explain what those buttons do. Abode informed us that trying to keep the features vague is for additional security, but mentioned that several owners discover it confusing. It simply took a short time to memorize the features.

Most packaged Abode devices include a crucial fob. It is a handy one touch method to arm as well as disarm the product.

It is rare that you would not have access to the smartphone of yours. Though it happens, like when the phone of yours runs out of juice. So we recommend the optionally available keypad to stay away from a panicked hunt for the key fob or maybe the phone of yours in case the alarm goes off.

We provide a B+ to the look of the mobile app as well as net dashboard. We got used to it, but in the first going, functions aren’t always the place you believe they ought to be. Likewise, the signal lights on the IOTA have colors that are different & blinking patterns which took us some time to figure out. (Hint: White is actually for standby; Blue is actually for Armed Home; and Amber is actually for Armed Away.)



You are able to look at a live feed from Abode’s digital camera at any time. Though it is crucial to realize that the digital camera isn’t recording constantly. We used Abode’s CUE Automation to bring about a 30 second clip and put it in the timeline whenever a door is actually opened. It is a powerful and easy tool. Be advised that Abode doesn’t create backyard digital camera or a doorbell, therefore video clips are just offered within the home of yours. Abode promised that an innovative backyard digital camera is actually coming sometime in 2020.

Setting up automations is a three step process: Condition, Action, and Trigger. We put the ca to immediately arm for Home at eleven p.m. each night, and turn it all at six a.m. every morning. The Home condition ignores movement detection, that is interested in the Away mode.

We additionally analyzed Abode’s geofencing feature, which worked as a charm. Abode tracked the location of the smartphone of ours to bring about activities – such as disarming or perhaps flipping on lights – whenever we got inside aproximatelly 2 blocks of the test location of ours. A lengthy list of third party products, like locks and thermostats, are actually available in the “Works with Abode” ecosystem, though we didn’t evaluate these integrations.

We additionally analyzed Abode’s geofencing feature, which worked as a charm.

Wherever Abode beats a lot of the competition is the low-cost monitoring programs of its. The no cost Basic program enables you to monitor all exercise, see a three day timeline, view clips, along with a live video feed, as well as set up dozens of users. Which includes almost every little thing you need to have for home security, aside from a cellular backup in case your Wi Fi goes down.



The Connect program for eight dolars a month expands the timeline to fourteen days, adds cellular backup, while still requiring one to self monitor. Buying a 90 day timeline as well as cellular backup, and also expert remote monitoring, costs twenty dolars a month – that is a cut-throat value. You’ll have the choice to purchase expert monitoring for 3 days for eight dolars, or maybe 8 days for fifteen dolars.

Wherever Abode beats a lot of the competition is the low-cost monitoring programs of its.

Telephone assistance was hit or even miss. Probably the most frustrating encounter was the hour we spent on a support call attempting to discover why the key fob was not working. It turned out which 2 of the door sensors of ours had become demagnetized since they had been connected to metal doors. The issue wasn’t completely resolved, so were left unsure in case metal doors might be reliably protected. Abode informed us that the issue was extremely unusual.

Best Features

Expandable Platform: Professionally fitted home security systems are not affordable. In instances that are numerous , you are able to count on to spend one or perhaps 2 1000 dollars to get up and running. Or maybe you may end up with a bundled program which adds up to hundred dolars to the home bill of yours for a locked in two or maybe three year period. Additionally you have little to no capability to affordably eat smart home units over time without occurring costs and perhaps becoming forced into a more agreement. Abode offers a simple way to deal with a home security system on ones own.

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In case you are ready to roll up the sleeves of yours and get by way of a learning curve, subsequently a somewhat primary Abode structure is able to function as a smart home platform. You are able to begin for just a few 100 dollars and no month cost. As you find the hang of incorporating equipment and creating integrations, the Abode platform expands. The list of Abode systems, like glass break sensors, water leak detection, and an outside siren, is almost full. If the need or maybe desire develops, order & install third party parts including smart hair or perhaps remote control lighting.


The Spruce / Bradley Berman You could count on the rare specialized challenge, and also you have to be patient as Abode gradually adds brand new products like an outside digicam. However, if that does not affect you, Abode is able to develop into an extensive, low cost house security remedy.

No Contract: Competing DIY answers also provide the capability to self monitor and thereby stay away from some month cost. But many of those no cost fixes strip down the performance by getting rid of the capability to monitor through a mobile app remotely. Those methods are actually compromised until you enroll in a monthly, fee based service. Abode’s Basic month program maintains all of the system’s equipment as well as works in place – although it is free.

At exactly the same time, it’s a couple of clicks away to include expert monitoring or maybe cellular backup as you go. Additionally, these plans are very economical. 20 dollars for qualified monitoring on a month-by-month schedule is almost as inexpensive as it comes. Include the service for a month and then cancel with no penalty. The icing on the cake is actually the capability to purchase expert monitoring in three or maybe eight day increments, respectively for eight dolars as well as fifteen dolars. That is a great cost for offering peace of mind while you are away for a week long holiday or maybe three day weekend.

Prices as well as Fees Abode’s IOTA All-in-One Security Kit costs $229 with the fundamental strategy. The package consists of the hub unit with a digital camera as well as motion sensor, together with one Mini door/window sensor and a crucial fob. The price drops down to a remarkable $199 for the Smart Security Kit which swaps the IOTA with a Gateway unit which lacks a digital camera.



Those setups are actually the backbone of the product. From there, you are able to include these units out there immediately through Abode:

Small door/window sensor: twenty nine dolars

Regular door/window sensor: twenty seven dolars

Recessed door/window sensor (that hides away): $38

Thin strip sensor (that works in a door/window frame): thirty eight dolars

Motion sensor: forty two dolars

Vibration glass-break sensor: thirty six dolars

Acoustic glass-break sensor: forty nine dolars

Smoke alarm monitor: fifty five dolars

Water leak sensor: forty nine dolars For live video as well as clips, you have to purchase the IOTA or maybe Abode’s $129 Wi-Fi-connected hd interior camera (which we didn’t test).

Abode also provides these Security accessories:

Keypad: $79

Critical fob: twenty five dolars

Indoor siren: fifty nine dolars

Backyard siren: fifty nine dolars

Method status indicator: twenty nine dolars Abode sells 2 branded smart home products. There is a thirty nine dolars Smart Home Power Switch, which utilizes automation to switch on lamps as well as devices plugged into an outlet remotely. Which combines with a forty four dolars occupancy sensor which enables you to immediately turn lighting off or even adjust a thermostat when no one is in an area. Abode provides stickers for two dolars along with a lawn Sign with solar powered light for twenty four dolars.



As we pointed out, you are able to remotely monitor, create user accounts, add products, and obtain consumer assistance – all without any rate. The following step up is eight dolars a month Connect program in order to add cellular backup and then to grow the timeline from 3 to fourteen days. Many protection professionals are going to advise you to have expert monitoring. Abode offers 24/7 specialist monitoring for twenty dolars a month. In the event of alarm becoming triggered, or maybe fire situations being recognized, the monitoring facility will dispatch fire or police services. We value that the monitoring facility transmits pictures from the cameras of yours to the police to ensure- Positive Many Meanings – the problem could be evaluated.

The Competition: Abode vs. Ring

In case you are ready to set up the own equipment of yours, you could also think about Ring Alarm. Band offers a fundamental program for a comparable price. Whereas Abode does not provide backyard camera or maybe a doorbell, Ring takes a camera based method of security. In reality, Ring offers several of the market’s the majority of full featured outside digital cameras with two-way communication, motion detection, and lights. That is compelling, primarily since it notifies you before a possible intruder has entered the house of yours. In case you get Ring’s professionally checking for ten dolars a month, clips from a limitless amount of cameras are actually provided.

Finalized Verdict

Worth a glance in case you are into DIY protection and wish to save a dollar.

Abode isn’t ideal. The app as well as net dashboard employ a learning curve. We additionally come across a couple of technical hiccups. But in case you are a passionate DIYer, or perhaps do not care about hands on specialized duties across the house, Abode is an excellent answer. With a low start up price and no locked in agreement, you are able to promptly begin checking when doors as well as window are open – as well as track activity in the house of yours via video. Furthermore, the device is able to function as a smart, inexpensive foundation which grows with the appetite of yours to include smart, cameras, and sensors devices.


Item Name

Abode Home Security



Base Price

$229 for the iota All-in-one hub with a built in digital camera as well as motion detector, one Mini door/window sensor, along with a crucial fob.

Month fees No essential month fee for self monitoring. The Connect cellular returned costs eight dolars a month. The Secure master monitoring program costs twenty dolars a month. It may be bought for eight dolars for 3 days, or perhaps fifteen dolars for 8 days.

Installation price No cost DIY installation.

Program lock in None.

Go back policy 100 % refund in case you return the gear in thirty days.

Equipment warranty

One season, which is given to clients on the Connect plan

Accessible smart home programs Abode Smart Home Power Switch and Occupancy Sensor. Abode is suitable for Zigby and Z-Wave protocols. Small integrations as well as IFTTT protocols enable Abode to operate with smart home items created by Yale, Sensative, Schlage, Philips, Netvox, Leviton, Leak Gopher, Kwikset, Jasco Nexia, GE Jasco, First Alert, Fibaro, EnerWave, Dome, Danalock, Coolcam, August, and Aeon .