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Access Control System Design and Application

       Access Control System is one of the
important tools in desiging Security System for any protected
site. It is used to restrict access to
unwanted people or to grant access to authorized people only. In case of an
office  or a government building there will be different levels of security
zones like public areas where anybody can have access. For instance main
reception lobby. Secondly restricted zones where only the staff of the building
is allowed access. Also different groups belonging to different departments are
given access to their respective departments. Finally highly secured
areas or restricted zones are given access to top management.

     All the doors of a building should be locked after
office hours. For instance if a building has 100 or more doors just
imagine how difficult it will be to lock all the doors with manual keys. In this case one can lock only the
main entrances of the building but also think about the security if an intruder
succeeds in breaking into the building he can easily enter any area. To secure
these kinds of building Access Control System can be used and programmed
according to our needs and requirements. Parking lots can also have access
control sytem by control the parking barriers.

             For single doors a
simple Code Lock can be used
where by entering a valid four digit code the door can be opened. Or a
Standalone System
with proximity card reader or a keypad with proximity reader can be used. For
more than one door or to control hundreds of doors Sipass System can be used.

             People can be
devided into different groups, each group can be given access to certain number
of doors. Different time schedule can be programmed to allow these groups at
different time schedules. Top management can have access to all the door at all
times where other groups can have access to certain number of doors at certain
periods of time. Different levels of security can be programmed like in working
hours the doors can be kept open or can be accessed with code or proximity
reader. After office hours and on holidays the security level can be set to
accept proximity reader and pin to double check.

             Different types of
readers can be used like proximity readers, hands free proximity reader, keypads
with proximity reader. Vehicle tags with loop detectors can be used to restrict
access to unwanted vehicle in the parking areas by interfacing with the road
barrier system.

             Alarms can be
generated in realtime to monitor from tha controls rooms if the doors are held
open for more than the door opening time and also if the doors are forced open.
Warning signals are generated if wrong code or cards are used. To avoid the
misuse of proximity cards or code antipass back facility can be enabled where if
a person enters the buiilding must exit before he can use the code or card again
to enter. Log reports can be generated to know which person has accessed which
door at what time.

            Access Control System can
be used in offices, commercial, residential and government buildings, schools,
libraries, airports to name a few.          

            Securcorp deals in
Siemens Access Control System. Contact us if you need more information about design and installation
of the system for all your requirements.


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