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           Sipass Entro System is an advanced Access Control System. It can control from a single door to 512 doors at one site. 40,000 cards can be programmed. The system comprises of segment controllers and doors controllers. All the segment controllers can be networked through RS432 format or through TCP/IP network connection. Each segment controller can controller upto 4,8,16 and 32 doors depending upon the model.
          Door controllers control the doors. a group of door controllers are connected to each segment controller. each door controller takes one reader or two readers for both entry and exit. Inbuilt realy in the door controller drives either door release or magnetic lock. Both the door controllers and segment controllers can be powered by central power supply or local power supplies.
          Passive proximity readers, active proximity readers and keypad with proximity readers are available to use with Sipass System. Passive proximty cards, active proximity cards, tags are available.
          480 Access Groups can be programmed. Each department can have one Acess Group. Different access groups can be assinged access to different doors. A person belonging to one Acces
Proximity reader with keypad
s Group will not be allowed to access doors belonging to other Access Groups. Multiple access groups can alloted to persons.
          240 time schedules can be programmed. Different levels of security can be assinged to different time schedules. Doors can be kept continuously open in office hours. Card only security can be applied in some time schedule and after office hou
Passive Proximity Card
rs Card and PIN security level can be used for double security.
          Buzzer at the reader can be kept on to give warning sound incase the door is held open or forced open. Alarm reports are generated in the logs. Other log reports like individual report or Access Group reports can be generated.
         New cards can be added, editted and deleted easily. If duration is specified the cards will work only that duration. 10,000 events can be stored offline on the controllers. Computer need not be online always. you can login only when you need to setup or download events. Door status like whether the door is opened, closed or the controllers tampered can be viewed by graphical representation.
Door Controller
Segment Controller
Passive Proximity reader
Long range Proximity reader
Sipass System from Siemens
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