Wand is carried by the patrolling officer to read the check points installed at various locations on the protected site.

Download USB

Download USB is to transfer the data from wand to the PC and also it can be used for registering iButtons.

Master button

Master button is used to inform the reports that the supervisor was present on the site and the second usage is to check whether the patrolling officeer has completed the tour or not


iButtons are used as check points. This unit does not require any power or battery. The wand is touched to read the data.

ID Button

ID Buttons are used to identify the patrolling officer. This unit can be placed on a badge or workstation.

Events Wallet

Event wallet is used to register any event like broken door or damaged window. 256 events can be programmed on the reader

            Security guards are hired to protect properties. The main job of a security guard to watch the site for all unwanted things happening. Also a security guard has to visit different points or locations of the site to check whether everything is fine. Different locations of a site have to be visited on a regular basis every day or multiple times a day to protect the site. Each location to be visited is called a check point and visiting a group or a set of check points is called a tour. To make sure that a partrol guard or security guard visits all the check points Guard Tour System is used.
           The partrol guard carries a Wand or Reader and visits all the check points assigned. Each checkpoint location is fitted with a i-button. The guard reads these i-buttons at each location. At the end of the day the security manager can download the data from the wand or reader to check whether all the check points were visited or the tour assigned at the scheduled times has been done or not.
            While visiting the check points if the guard observes some undue incident or event for instance a broken window or leakage in pipes or shutters and doors left open after duty hours he can punch different events into the reader using  Event Buttons in an Event Wallet.
             If there are more than one security guards then Identification Buttons can be used before starting the tour to register a particular patrol officer. When the data is downloaded different tours done will be under the different partrol guards. So it will be easy to know who has done which tour.
           In a day different number of tours can be assinged. Duration for one tour can be set. Once the time starts for a tour the Wand will indicate an audio signal to start the tour. The tour has to be completed in the assigned duration for that tour. Different audio signals can be heard for successful reading of i-Button, failed to read i-Button and tour completed.
           Different reports can be generated by the software for individual patrol for daily or monthly reports.
Contronics Guard Tour System
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