Model K-44   
  • Twenty 4 digit codes and ten 6 digit codes
  • Controls 2 doors
  • Can be installed indoor or outdoors
  • No software required
  • No computer required
  • Door release or Magnetic Locks can be used
        Code Locks are the basic and most economical Access Control Products. The door can be opened by entering a four digit code. After the set opening time the door will be locked automatically. Door can be kept open continuously for any amount of time. Toggle function is also available. The door will open when the code is entered and it will remain open till the code is entered again to lock.
       The system will lock itself if wrong code is entered thrice. Even by entering the correct code the door will not open for security reasons. The system can be made functional again by entering the correct code twice.
       No additional controllers are required. The built in relay can drive either a door release or a magnetic lock. For the complete system you need three things. Code Lock, Magnetic Lock or door release and a power supply with battery back up.
        Code Locks can be installed indoor or outdoor conditions. An exit button can installed in inside the room to open the door to exit
Code Locks from Siemens.
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