Banks and Money Exchanges

Banks and Money Exchanges need high level of security. Intruder Alarm system can be used to alert the police in case of any intrusion. CCTV is an essential part of security to record the images of intruders. All the entry exit points need to be covered with the right kind of cameras.  Safe rooms and high sensitive areas can be further protected by using advance Access Control  System to limit access to authorized persons only.

 Villas and Residential Buildings

The outside surrounding areas can be fitted with standard or day and night cameras to cover the whole periphery. Inside wired or wireless alarm system can be fitted with door sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors for windows. Siren can be used to generate alarm sound incase of intrusion. The alarm system can be connected to Police central station monitoring or an auto dialer can be used to send pre recorded voice messages to programmed mobile numbers in the event of  intrusion.  

Hotels & Hotel Apartments

Hotels and Hotel Apartments need CCTV system to cover all vehicle entry exit points and also all the entry exit doors of the building. Cameras can be installed in front of lifts at each floor to check who has accessed that particular floor incase of any unwanted event.

 Jewellery shops

CCTV system and intruder alarm system are used to protect Jewellery shops. Cameras can be installed to see and record clear images of customers or people entering the shops. Cameras can be installed to cover all the sales counters, safes and cash counters etc. Intruder alarm system is used to alert the police or the shop owners in the event of alarm.

Shopping Malls and Showrooms

Mainly CCTV system is used in shopping malls and showrooms to cover all entry exit points whether in parking area or  main mall area. ATM machines can be covered with cameras. Cameras can be used to keep an eye at hypermarkets and showrooms for thefts.

Schools and Hospitals

CCTV system can be used in schools and hospitals to monitor inside passages and outside surroundings of the building. Live monitoring can help to keep a check on children behaviour or any accidents while playing. Cameras will also help to keep a check on unwanted people or strangers talking to children. 

Warehouses, factories and Plants

Warehouses contains huge amount of goods that can be high value in terms of money. CCTV system can be used to monitor any unwanted people entering the warehouses. With remote surveillance facility through internet these warehouses can be monitored from any part of the world. Besides CCTV, Intruder alarm system can be used to alert the monitoring authority in the event of intrusion and access control can be used to restrict access to unwanted people.

Government, Public and Commercial buildings and offices

Door entry, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm Systems can be used in Government, public buildings, commercial buildings and offices




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